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COVID Gallery 2020

COVID Calendar – September 2020 30 days hath September and in my solitude I mark the days on my COVID calendar, making a daily addition by collaging onto a lithograph COVID background. With each day, a new image accompanies a different emotion, 30 in total they reflect my daily feelings. Some days I am filled […]

Mesa 2019

MESA series ‘To roam unfettered over the vast expanses of the great South West with only the natural barriers of the river gorge and mountain range to limit wanderings.’ 1868 Land Treaty United States and Navajo People, New Mexico. Inspired by a visit to the USA’s South West my Mesa series pays homage to the […]

Renovate Now 2019

Advertising pseudo happiness: our increased obsession with the material, our possessions and our house. With the constant bombardment of advertising and reality home shows we have an illusion of freedom to choose when in fact the abundance of choice can infringe liberty. This images responds to the Brunswick Noel Counihan Commemorative Art Award theme of […]

Familiar 2017

Familiar Series 2017 Perceptions from afar are not always accurate: Our acceptance of the traditional Muslim faith is being challenged by new visions of extremism, resulting in once-familiar decorative Islamic designs, symbols and Middle Eastern calligraphy now evoking, for some, fear and suspicion. In Familiar I have created a series of images to demystify the […]

Collage: The Follower Series 2015

The Follower Series Lithograph and Collage The Follower series reinforces the certainty that power is vested in the people and can be exercised by them directly. Australia’s system of representation and delegated authority should not be seen as a reason for careless acceptance of political decisions or events.