Home Affairs 2017

Department of HOME AFFAIRS 2017

This Series acknowledges Australia’s eligible skills occupations for migration.

EngineerArchitectSocial workMechanicPodiatristEngineerChefEngineerBuilderArchitect





Last Chance Vacation 2017

Last Chance Vacation 2017
The 1951 Refugee Convention recognises the right of persons to seek asylum from persecution in other countries. These images reference the USA travel ban from Muslim majority countries.

Last Chance VacationLast Chance VacationLast Chance VacationLast Chance VacationLast Chance Vacation:Last Chance Vacation:Last Chance Vacation:









Familiar 2017

Familiar Series 2017
Perceptions from afar are not always accurate: Our acceptance of the traditional Muslim faith is being challenged by new visions of extremism, resulting in once-familiar decorative Islamic designs, symbols and Middle Eastern calligraphy now evoking, for some, fear and suspicion. In Familiar I have created a series of images to demystify the ‘other’ by connecting recognisable Australian imagery with familiar emblems of geometric patterned tiles and golden prayer mats, offering the viewer an avenue to engage with and acknowledge Australia’s cohesive communities.

Welcome wallHenna HandsHennaWelcome wallOpening NightFamiliar  Last Chance Vacation     C'arn the Roos  C'arn the Blues  C'arn the Doggies C'arn the Pies C'arn the Dons

Lithograph 15cm x 15 cm

Lithograph 15cm x 15 cm



Libéralité 2016

Libéralité:  New ideas free from prejudice





Papaver Series: 2015

Papaver  – Symbol of remembrance.


Collage: The Follower Series 2015

The Follower Series

Lithograph and Collage

The Follower series reinforces the certainty that power is vested in the people and can be exercised by them directly. Australia’s system of representation and delegated authority should not be seen as a reason for careless acceptance of political decisions or events.

Collage Plantae Series 2014


Lithograh and Collage

At the whim of the currents, the pandanus pine remains steadfast.

Plantae Series 2014


Bloom Insitu

Plantae: At the whim of the currents, the pandanus pine remains steadfast.

Collage Work – Mnemosyne 2013

MNEMOSYNE, the Goddess of Memory and her daughters the nine muses, with their modern memory devices.

MEMORY EXHIBITION: Beth Hulme Gallery North Fitzroy 2013

ME Series

‘ME’ Collage 2013
“Your Place or Mine?” Collage 2013

Auxin Series 2013

In this Auxin Series I explore the symbolic play between the life cycle of plants, their germination, flower, fruit, seed, and decay and the cycle of our own physical development and emotional rebirth.
I worked on this series throughout 2012 and early 2013.